DLC's in early access

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I have been playing games for about 25 years, give or take. I lived through the rise of Playstation Xbox rivalry, I witnessed the boom of DLC's with oblivion horse armour (and the rise of bugs as dev's like myself realised you don't have to get everything done for the first release). Back then, the half-baked content given in DLC's was the epitome of cash grab (Oh boy did I not see the free to play games).

Well as years have passed, I have accepted and learned to really embrace DLC's. There are many great ones that have proven that there is a place for additional content to games to keep the fans happy.

But alas, the peace and prosperity didn't last. I have recently noticed the increasing price of DLC on early access titles, which really blows my mind. How can us naked monkeys justify ourselves that firstly: bought a product that wasn't finished secondly: bough additional content for the product that isn't finished? Apologies for my first article for being an absolute rant about minor inconvenience with no real sustenance for the reader. BUT I made this blog for exactly this sort of thing. To write what is on my mind, and empty my head to the endless vacuum that is the internet. (diaries are so last season) XOXO the random fella

Horse Armor,  $2.50
Horse Armor, $2.50